Lip Lift

There are two types of lip lifts: an upper lip lift and corner lip lift. The upper lift is favored by those with more than 1.5cm of space between their upper lip and nose, which can increase with age. This in-office procedure involves making a small incision beneath the nose and removing a small strip of skin. The lip is then elevated to a new position, exposing more of the lip for a fuller looking lip.

The corner lift slightly raises the outer edges of the lip by also removing a small amount of skin. The disadvantage of this procedure is that the scar may be more visible. Patients can usually resume a normal schedule 3-4 days after surgery, although swelling may persist for several weeks.

Lip Implant

The procedure for a permanent lip implant is fairly simple, taking approximately an hour to complete. Using local anesthesia, a small incision is made at the corner of the mouth. A pocket is created within the lip, into which the implant will be placed. The implant is then trimmed and the incision closed. The implant can either be a man-made product or it can be harvested from the face during a facelift. Initial recovery is normally 5-7 days, although some patients prefer to wait a few weeks before appearing in public, due to lingering puffiness and swelling.



These products are used to temporarily weaken the muscles around the lips, decreasing lines and restoring a more youthful appearance.