Used to reduce or eliminate fat deposits of the inner thigh, outer thigh, knees, and, occasionally, calves and ankles. Liposuction is a proven technique for slimming the leg area. Dr. Lo uses a local anesthetic to minimize pain and blood loss, as well as quicken recovery time and produce optimal cosmetic results. A small cannula, attached to a vacuum, is inserted beneath the skin and moved back and forth to suction the fat away. If your skin’s elasticity is not great; looser skin may require that liposuction be used in conjunction with cosmetic procedures to enhance the tightening of the skin.


About Faces Cosmetic Surgery is the only practice in Tucson offering the exciting new technology of Renuvion® J-Plasma, the revolutionary procedure to combat signs of aging. Renuvion is the new FDA-cleared way to tighten skin



The Clarity dual wavelength laser treatment removes hair, helps reduce pigmented lesions such as freckles, soften wrinkles, rosacea, leg veins, brown and red spots and more. The Clarity delivers fast results and requires no downtime. The professionals at About Faces Cosmetic Surgery will walk you through all aspects of this procedure.