Earlobe Tear Repair

Soft earlobe tissue can easily become torn from years of wearing heavy earrings, trauma, improper piercing, or from gauging and stretching earlobes. Local anesthesia is used in repairing a torn lobe. Usually, small flaps of skin are cut to redistribute tissue and reshape the earlobe. Small sutures, which are removed after 1 week, result in minimal scarring. The procedure takes less than an hour with little downtime. Ears can be re-pierced after 8-12 weeks.

Earlobe Reduction

As we age, earlobes stretch and lengthen, giving them an elongated appearance. Earlobe reduction is done to shorten the length and restore its youthful size.


Juvéderm Voluma®/Restylane®

Earlobes can become floppy with aging. Adding a little filler can restore their youthful plumpness. It is a simple office procedure with minimal downtime.