Each year, the trends in cosmetic surgery change a bit as new products and innovative techniques become more accessible to patients. Celebrities can also inspire and influence the popularity of certain procedures. 

With the year half over, what will be the next popular trends and procedures?

Patients Are Getting Younger

We’ll start with what some may find to be a surprising trend. The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) reported that, in 2019, 72% of its members “report seeing patients seeking cosmetic procedures to look better for selfies—up 15% from 2018,” and there was an 11% increase in patients seeking procedures due to dissatisfaction with their profile pics.

Additionally, in 2019, the AAFPRS revealed that 74% of facial plastic surgeons had reported an increase in minimally invasive procedures (neurotoxins, fillers, skin treatments) in patients under age 30, a 32% increase since 2016.

Finally, 73% of AAFPRS members predict that millennials under 30 will continue to emphasize preventative procedures by getting regular maintenance performed sooner in order to forestall bigger procedures and surgeries down the road.

An Increase in Non- and Minimally-Invasive Procedures

Forbes agrees with many others predicting cosmetic surgery trends when they reported that fillers and skin tighteners would be increasingly popular in 2021, with Renuvion® and RF technology expected to gain in popularity in the  years to come. The report also predicts an increase in “prejuvenation,” using non- and minimally-invasive procedures to keep skin healthy before aging shows, which returns us to the previous trend we listed; that men and women in their 20s are getting cosmetic procedures preventatively, rather than as reparation to older, damaged, and sagging skin. 

Jaws, Chins, and Eye Get More Attention

If there are areas which have recently been receiving an above-average amount of attention, it would be the jawline, the chin, and the eyes. 

Even mainstream, popular magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and Allure magazines are encouraging readers to feel good about themselves by visiting a cosmetic surgeon. 

The chin is another spot that Americans are wanting to improve, especially men. The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery says that those bothered by a recessed chin, or who feel their facial features lack proportion, chin implant surgery can instill confidence in one’s appearance. 

The eyes are the third area that’s receiving a lot of attention in 2021. The American Academy of Ophthalmology says that surgeries like upper-eyelid blepharoplasty — which involves permanently removing excess skin that can cause eyes to look “heavy” — is one of several cosmetic procedures people are turning to in 2021.    

Dr. Mikel Lo, at About Faces Cosmetic Surgery, is an expert in all of the above procedures, including blepharoplasty. Dr. Lo is an expert in ophthalmic plastic and facial cosmetic surgery and is one of the few cosmetic surgeons who is a member of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ASOPRS), and the American Board of Ophthalmology

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