While it’s still far more common for women to seek cosmetic procedures, there’s been a nearly 20 percent increase since 2010 in men requesting such procedures, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Botox injections are the most popularly requested procedures, the ASPS reports.

Society norms that make it more acceptable for women to seek cosmetic procedures are also breaking down. Celebrities including Howard Stern and Gordon Ramsay who have openly talked about having plastic surgery encourage more men to look into it.

Many men are looking to improve their facial features or trim their waistlines, contouring themselves into the ideal body shape of having an athletic figure with broad shoulders and chest, flat abdomen and narrow hips and thighs, according to the ASPS. In addition, as men age, they are wanting to get rid of “love handles” with liposuction, which helps slim areas resistant to diet and exercise.

There are issues particular to men that must be considered, whether choosing non-invasive procedures such as fillers or Botox or cosmetic surgery such as chin augmentation or laser peels. For instance, when planning facial surgery, factors such as receding hairlines, sideburns, beard growth and facial scarring must be considered. Unlike women, who can often mask surgical scars with makeup or hair styling, men and their doctors must consider how to hide surgical scars.

In addition—sorry, guys—recovery is often hampered by the fact that men are reluctant to take the time it needs to heal after surgery or report pain that may indicate a complication. It’s important to have post-procedure aftercare to make sure the procedure is a success.

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