Google recently released its year-end report for 2015. What topped the list as the most searched and top trending beauty questions? Coming in at number one, €œHow to do the Kylie Jenner lip challenge€. With, “€œWhat are lip fillers?”€ as a close second. Clearly, a fuller pout is on the minds of many. While we, at About Faces Cosmetic Surgery, cannot stress enough the dangers of the fabled €œKylie Jenner lip challenge €”along with Dr. Lo, we can tout the many benefits that lip fillers have to offer.

Subtle Results

Most often, our patients are hoping for fuller lips with natural results. Surprising to some €”perhaps because of Miss Jenner herself €”lip augmentation through injectable fillers can be amazingly subtle. Dr. Lo understands that many factors make up a naturally beautiful lip. Common characteristics include:

  • A well-centered, complimentary degree of fullness
  • Flattering distance between the bottom of the nose and the top of the upper lip
  • Well-shaped, defined, and symmetrical cupid’s brow
  • Lastly, when looking at your profile, the upper lip should be more prominent €”protruding a bit over the bottom lip

Proportion & Balance

Lip augmentation should bring balance to the face. With a keen understanding of facial anatomy, Dr. Lo is able to create a lip that is in proportion to your facial features, not a look that overwhelms them. When done successfully, lip augmentation should restore all over facial beauty. In fact, a fuller lip can lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that often surround the mouth.

Unique to You

Dr. Lo is careful to improve the lip’s proportion, definition, and volume—creating an ideal lip shape that is unique to you and your facial makeup. Striving for believably bigger, Dr. Lo respects the anatomy of your lip shape. He understands that when it comes to lips, one size does not fit all.

Luscious Lips with Dr. Lo

While it may not seem important, technique is integral to the success of your lip augmentation. As a respected cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Lo is able to analyze your facial features and design a treatment that is best suited to meet your lip augmentation goals.

As recent trends show, lips are in—why not love yours? Schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Lo to learn more about injectable lip fillers and how they can best benefit you.

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