Today, there are so many ways to achieve a younger look. And let’s admit it, sometimes all of the available options can be confusing. When it’s your face, ask Tucson’s trusted and respected Cosmetic Surgeon, Mikel Lo, M.D. His years of experience can give you the confidence to make informed decisions that are right for you.

Now, Dr. Lo offers a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure called Instalift®. It’s a procedure using dissolvable suture threads. The result? Cheeks, jowls, and the neckline are lifted, tightened and plumped. The in-office procedure has little downtime with natural-looking results.  So, if you look in the mirror and see an aged and tired YOU, Instalift® may be for you.

And did you know, fillers and Instalift work together beautifully.

Many women and men achieve a younger, more refreshed look with fillers. From plumping thin lips, softening facial lines and wrinkles, and improving the appearance of scars, all are a great way to maintain the look you want to achieve.

It is a great time to call Dr. Lo (520) 877-2725 at About Faces Cosmetic Surgery. Make your appointment for luscious lips during the month of February. Get $75 off with a minimum $400 lip injection. And during LOVE month, bring a friend with you and make it a date. Both of you will get one area of Botox at no change. Love your lips! Learn more about Getting $75 Off:
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