Sometimes, we want to improve ourselves, but we don’t necessarily want to go under the knife. Thankfully, there are many procedures that can improve our appearances, whether you’re looking to tighten the skin on your face, abdomen or legs; soften the lines on your face or body; or reduce scarring. Since these procedures use non-invasive techniques, there’s less downtime so you can show off your great new looks almost immediately!

HydraFacial treatments are terrific for exfoliating skin, leaving it hydrated, plump and smooth. You may choose to add a mild chemical peel or dermaplaning to enhance the effect. Alpha Hydroxy (AHA) Peels, VI Peel® and Obagi Blue Peel® are among skincare treatments that can reduce pigment issues, fine lines and wrinkles.

There are many fillers that can be used to smooth out the lines, also. Dr. Lo has vast experience with fillers and will make a recommendation on which filler is the best for your desired results.

You’ve probably heard of Botox®, which is one of several products including Dysport® and Xeomin® that are used for treatment of moderate to severe forehead lines, crow’s feet lines and frown lines between the eyebrows. You’ll want someone well-trained in using these injections. Dr. Lo is one of the most experienced in administering injections in Tucson, with more than 20 years of practice in this area.

Try waxing or dermaplaning to get rid of those pesky chin hairs for months at a time. To enhance your eyes, Latisse® stimulates eyelash growth. To help show off those new lashes you can add eyelash and/or eyebrow tinting, which are popular treatments in our office.

Information on these and many more non-invasive procedures are available on our website. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Lo and find out what procedure is best for you.

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