Wonderfully restorative, patients love the wide-eyed and beautiful results that Blepharoplasty offers. Commonly known as eyelid surgery, Blepharoplasty is becoming a popular procedure at About Faces. Patients turn to blepharoplasty as a way to rejuvenate their aging appearance.

Dr. Lo is frequently asked about what the recovery process is like. Delicate as the eyes are, after your surgery, it is important to take proper care of both your eyes and yourself. Here, we provide you with expert tips to help ensure a successful and healthy recovery.

What are the common side effects of Blepharoplasty? Commonly, patients experience:

  • Swelling, redness, and slight bruising
  • Influx in tear production or, in contrast, excessive dryness
  • Blurred vision

For most, these side effects generally last about one to two weeks.

Keep your head elevated

To minimize swelling and help with healing, you will want to keep your head elevated above the rest of your body. This is especially important when resting or sleeping. To aid in this, keep yourself supported by having two or three comfortable pillows around or invest in an inclined wedge.

Keep Your Eyes Clean & Covered

During your recovery, you are more susceptible to bacteria and other contaminates. To help you avoid infection and other complications, Dr. Lo will instruct you on how to wash the eye area. You will have the best chance of a safe and healthy recovery if you meticulously follow Dr. Lo’€™s post-operative instructions. It is also wise to purchase some type of eye cover to shield your eyes from foreign bodies like dirt and dust.

Similarly, your eyes will be extremely light sensitive. Although you should plan on staying indoors, if it is unavoidable and you must venture out, make sure to wear a dark pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the light and glare.

Blepharoplasty at About Faces

Through eyelid surgery, Dr. Lo is able to give you a youthful and rested appearance. As an ophthalmic cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Lo’€™s expertise encompasses both facial cosmetic surgery as well as ophthalmology.

Having performed thousands of blepharoplasties throughout his career, Dr. Lo is considered an expert on eyelid rejuvenation. See his work for yourself, schedule a consultation with Dr. Lo at About Faces Cosmetic Surgery.

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