Hello Kybella, Goodbye Double Chin

We each hold and carry fat differently. For many, excess fat manifests itself as a double chin. At About Faces, we are excited to announce that we now offer Kybella, a non-invasive, injectable treatment that targets and destroys fat that is stored under the chin and in the neck area. Approved this past April, Kybella€™s release has been highly anticipated—both by cosmetic surgeons and patients alike. With little downtime, non-invasive Kybella promises to give you the slim and sculpted chin and jawline you desire.

Love Your Lips

Google recently released its year-end report for 2015. What topped the list as the most searched and top trending beauty questions? Coming in at number one, €œHow to do the Kylie Jenner lip challenge€. With, “€œWhat are lip fillers?”€ as a close second. Clearly, a fuller pout is on the minds of many. While we, at About Faces Cosmetic Surgery, cannot stress enough the dangers of the fabled €œKylie Jenner lip challenge €”along with Dr. Lo, we can tout the many benefits that lip fillers have to offer.