What to expect during downtime after cosmetic surgery

If you’ve never had cosmetic surgery, you may wonder about the healing process after surgery. Of course, much depends on what cosmetic surgery procedure you’re interested in getting. There are many procedures that have minimal healing time and can even be administered over lunchtime!

Double Chin Getting You Down? Look No Farther!

Many people are self-conscious about the fat under their chins and experience low self-esteem as a result. Gained weight, genetics, and aging play a role in developing fullness under the chin.

A healthy diet and constant exercise just aren’t enough for fat between the chin and neck to dissipate. But look no farther—there are ways to get rid of that double chin and feel confident in your profile again.

How to pick cosmetic surgery vs non-surgical treatment

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the popularity of non-surgical cosmetic procedures and how more and more people are opting for them as they are often more affordable and have quicker recovery times than surgical procedures. But that doesn’t mean that cosmetic surgery, which has more permanence than a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, is a thing of the past. The important thing to remember is which procedure is best for what you want to do.

Face the Facts: Facials Make You Look and Feel Great!

When it comes to facials, many people view them as a luxury. And no doubt, they certainly can feel luxurious. But when you consider all of the health benefits they provide, perhaps you might start to think of them as a necessity. Facials and other skin-care treatments can be a way to reduce the signs of aging.

How Can I Improve Myself Without Surgery?

Sometimes, we want to improve ourselves, but we don’t necessarily want to go under the knife. Thankfully, there are many procedures that can improve our appearances, whether you’re looking to tighten the skin on your face, abdomen or legs; soften the lines on your face or body; or reduce scarring. Since these procedures use non-invasive techniques, there’s less downtime so you can show off your great new looks almost immediately!

Say Bye-Bye to Fat Permanently with Liposuction

Sometimes, despite the right diet and rigorous exercise, there are pockets of fat that never seem to go away. Your gender plays a large role in exactly where fat collects in your body. The problem area for men is the stomach, while women tend to store fat in their thighs and backside. Though diet and exercise are important, sometimes body fat is just plain persistent, refusing to leave these areas.

Turn Back the Clock for a More Youthful You

We’ve all heard of Botox at one time or another. The results are fantastic when you want to reduce wrinkles or lines appearing around your eyes, your forehead or around your mouth. These are the most common areas treated. And did you know that Botox can help in other health-related areas such as excessive sweating, bladder incontinence, migraines and muscular disorders?

Instalift® for a Rejuvenated YOU

Today, there are so many ways to achieve a younger look. And let’s admit it, sometimes all of the available options can be confusing. When it’s your face, ask Tucson’s trusted and respected Cosmetic Surgeon, Mikel Lo, M.D. His years of experience can give you the confidence to make informed decisions that are right for you.