How to Prepare for Cosmetic Surgery

So you’re considering cosmetic surgery or have already made an appointment for your chosen procedure. Congratulations! It was a big decision. Now what?

Many people think that once you’ve decided on a procedure, there’s not much left to do other than show up for the appointment. With even the most minor procedure, though, the patient has a responsibility to be well-informed and prepared. 

Important Reminders About Spending Time in the Sun

Several months ago, before summer even began, we did a blog on the harmful effects of the sun. Now, as summer is about to end, the sun can still inflict skin damage even though the days may not be as hot. Here in the Desert Southwest, we are exposed to the intensity of the blazing sun more than most other cities. Every time we step outside, our skin is being assaulted by the sun’s ultraviolet rays, so it is  a good idea to reiterate the importance of being aware of time spent in the sun and the damage it can do. 

The Cosmetic Surgery Boom for Men

The term “plastic surgery” has always been vague and misleading. Many people think it involves plastic, but that part of the name comes from the Greek word, “plastikos,” which means to mold or shape. It would probably be a better idea to eliminate the term and replace it with two more accurate categories: reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. 

The Latest Trends and Procedures

As both non-invasive and surgical cosmetic procedures evolve, many go from being cutting edge  to routine. As a result, each year the trends in cosmetic surgery change a bit as new products and innovative techniques become more accessible to patients. Celebrities can also inspire and influence the popularity of certain procedures. 

Sun damage to skin a concern in Arizona

Many of us in Arizona are fairly educated on the dangers of sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. Hopefully, you see a dermatologist to conduct yearly “spot checks” to make sure there aren’t any moles or spots that could be cancerous.

A new study from Binghamton University in New York has found the mechanism through which UV radiation from the sun damages skin. The study sought to answer what kind of UV radiation is the worst on skin and how the sun’s rays damage skin. 

Get ready for swimsuit season and trim your hips

That sound you hear is swimsuit season sneaking up on us very quickly. This means many of us are thinking that all the holiday parties and cheer landed on our hips. That’s not a good look for swimsuit season. Not only do women want to get less hippy, more and more men are looking to contour their hips, too.

Check Out Our Newest Cosmetic Procedures

At About Faces Cosmetic Surgery, we’re constantly researching the newest techniques for making our clients in Tucson feel and look refreshed with youthful results. We would like to let you know what our newest services include.

Here are answers to questions about Botox treatments

Using Botox® to smooth out lines and wrinkles is a trusted, minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure that’s been around for years and considered to be an FDA-approved, safe and effective treatment. You might know people who’ve had it done or have even had a Botox treatment yourself before. Whether it’s your first time or tenth, you might have a few questions about Botox. We’re here to help answer those questions. 

Considering cosmetic surgery as a New Year’s resolution?

We made it through another year! Go ahead, pat yourself on the back because likely as not, you’ve had your fill of down times this year and still … you came through like a trouper. And, if you’re like us, you’re thinking about creating one or more resolutions to help make your life better in the new year.