Popular Cosmetic Surgery Trends In the First Half of 2021

Each year, the trends in cosmetic surgery change a bit as new products and innovative techniques become more accessible to patients. Celebrities can also inspire and influence the popularity of certain procedures. 

With the year half over, what will be the next popular trends and procedures?

Spring Brings a Surge in Cosmetic Procedures

Spring is here and that means the prospect of warmer weather. Many are thinking about vacations, going to the beach, lounging by the pool, and all the other activities we enjoy in the summer. And, because others see a lot more of us … literally … as the weather warms, it’s a good time to consider getting cosmetic surgery or minimally invasive procedures so you look your very best. 

Your Eyes Can Look Younger With Popular Enhancements

When it comes to the signs of aging, the eyes have it. The delicate skin surrounding our eyes develops wrinkles that we may be able to shrug off as “laugh lines,” but the skin can also sag, causing droopy eyes or bags under the eyes that belie or call more attention to our age than we would like.

Sculpt and Tone Your Body Quickly and Easily With New Accufit

Cosmetic enhancements for men and women can include both surgical and non-surgical procedures  like face lifts, lasers, injectables, radio frequency,  microneedling, skin care products and more. And today, Dr. Mikel Lo at About Faces Cosmetic Surgery offers a new way to shape and sculpt your muscles in just a few sessions.

New Technology Can Reverse Hair Loss

Anyone can experience hair loss; young or old, male or female. Hair loss doesn’t discriminate. The loss or thinning of hair can be caused by age, disease, medications, or genetics. While anyone can experience thinning hair, men are especially susceptible to male pattern baldness, one of the most common causes of hair loss occurs in men. 

Peel Away Skin Damage During 2021

Check out the page on Dr. Lo’s website which lists the cosmetic facial procedures available to patients, and you’ll see that there’s something for everyone. From facelifts to non-surgical procedures, whatever cosmetic enhancement you choose, Dr. Lo is able to accommodate your cosmetic needs.

Looking Younger May Raise Some Eyebrows

We sometimes say, when someone looks worried, that they have a “furrowed brow” or, if someone does something shocking or surprising, we say it “raised eyebrows.” 

While our brow and our eyebrows are two parts of the same facial area, eyebrows seem to get all the attention. They’re shaped and plucked and sometimes even shaved off. 

Three Areas That Can Reveal Your Age

Do you know your age? It turns out, it may be more complicated than we think. You’ve probably heard it said that someone is “young at heart” but, as it turns out, that may be true for many of us. It seems that different organs age at different rates. To make things even more confusing, you have a chronological age—your actual age in years—and your biological age—the age of your body based on lifestyle and risk factors. Someone with a chronological age of 40, but who smokes, drinks, has an unhealthy diet, lives alone, and has a stressful job they dislike, could have a biological age of 75. 

How to Prepare for Cosmetic Surgery

So you’re considering cosmetic surgery or have already made an appointment for your chosen procedure. Congratulations! It was a big decision. Now what?

Many people think that once you’ve decided on a procedure, there’s not much left to do other than show up for the appointment. With even the most minor procedure, though, the patient has a responsibility to be well-informed and prepared. 

Important Reminders About Spending Time in the Sun

Several months ago, before summer even began, we did a blog on the harmful effects of the sun. Now, as summer is about to end, the sun can still inflict skin damage even though the days may not be as hot. Here in the Desert Southwest, we are exposed to the intensity of the blazing sun more than most other cities. Every time we step outside, our skin is being assaulted by the sun’s ultraviolet rays, so it is  a good idea to reiterate the importance of being aware of time spent in the sun and the damage it can do.